USEPA Issues New Interpretive Statement on Releases of Pollutants to Groundwater Which Concludes These Releases are Not Subject to NPDES Permitting

On April 15, 2019 the USEPA issued an “Interpretive Statement” which provides EPA’s interpretation of the Clean Water Act (CWA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program’s applicability to releases of pollutants from a point source to groundwater that subsequently migrate or may be conveyed by groundwater to jurisdictional surface waters. In general, the USEPA concluded in this “Interpretive Statement” that discharges to groundwater are excluded from NPDES program coverage under Section 301 of the CWA regardless of a hydrologic connection between the groundwater and a jurisdictional surface water. For addition information see

Impacts of Food Safety Intervention and Sanitation Chemicals on Wastewater Treatment Systems

Food and agricultural product production plants commonly use food safety intervention and sanitation chemicals to ensure production of safe, high quality, food products. Many of these chemicals can cause significant adverse impacts on wastewater treatment systems, and particularly biological wastewater treatment systems. WHEE, Inc. provides services to various food and Ag companies related to evaluation of the potential impacts of these chemicals on wastewater treatment systems and mitigation strategies.