Woodruff & Howe Environmental Engineering, Inc. (WHEE) offers a full range of services related to wastewater treatment and pretreatment operations for a broad range of industries and wastewater and process water streams.


Wastewater and water treatment technology experience and expertise includes -

  • Chemical and physical treatment/pretreatment systems (dissolved air flotation - DAF, screening/screens, flocculation and coagulation, sedimentation, gravity separators, clarification/clarifiers, filtration/filters, etc.)
  • Biological treatment systems (aerobic and anaerobic)
  • Activated sludge biological treatment systems
  • Nitrogen removal systems for ammonia-nitrogen, total nitrogen, organic nitrogen, TKN, nitrate/nitrite-nitrogen (nitrification and denitrification)
  • Membrane biological reactors (MBRs)
  • Phosphorus removal systems (biological P and chemical P)
  • Land application treatment systems (LASs) (i.e., spray irrigation, slow rate systems, overland flow, rapid infiltration)
  • Natural treatment systems
  • Membrane treatment/filtration systems (ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis/RO)
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Storm water collection, management and treatment systems
  • Activated carbon treatment and ion exchange
  • Chemical oxidation treatment
  • Trickling filters
  • Disinfection systems
  • Tertiary filtration
  • Heavy metals removal systems
  • Sludge/biosolids handling, treatment and dewatering systems (i.e., digesters, belt presses, centrifuges, gravity filters)

WHEE's wastewater and water treatment services include - 

  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Operational Assistance and Operator Training
  • Regulatory Permitting and Negotiations

WHEE’s engineering staff have more than 50 years of combined experience in the environmental, wastewater, process and civil engineering arenas, with specific emphasis on wastewater and water treatment system evaluation, design and operational control. The system designs and operational strategies provided by WHEE engineers have resulted in several awards for operational and design excellence.

Our experience is also unique in that it also includes direct, hands-on operation of various wastewater and water treatment units, which provides our recommendations and designs with operational flexibility and reliability. Lastly, the design and operational strategies provided by WHEE adequately consider regulatory compliance assurance, operational stability, & capital and operational cost effectiveness.

Our experience and expertise includes the following areas -

  • Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and disposal systems
  • Process and drinking water treatment systems
  • Feasibility studies
  • Animal waste and other agricultural waste and byproduct treatment systems
  • Water reuse, water recycling and water conservation systems
  • Onsite sewage management systems (i.e., septic systems)
  • Wastewater collection systems
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