WHEE’s experience with air pollution and odor control
systems includes -

  • Air strippers
  • Baghouse filters
  • Cyclones
  • Other filter systems
  • Packed tower scrubbers
  • Venturi scrubbers
  • Wet scrubbers
  • Activated carbon systems
  • Biofilters
  • Odor control systems
  • Condensers
  • Thermal oxidation systems

Woodruff & Howe Environmental Engineering, Inc. (WHEE) provides a full range of services related to air pollution and odor control systems, including -

  • Air pollution and odor control system design
  • Air pollution and odor con trol system evaluation
  • Air pollution and odor control system permitting services, including performance of emission inventories for various sources (i.e., feed mills; grain elevators; boilers and other fuel combustion equipment; rendering plants; fertilizer production operations; poultry, red meat and other food processing operations; materials handling systems)