Wastewater Treatment, Water Reuse, Water Conservation, Environmental Engineering, Civil 
	Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, Poultry Processing, Meat Processing, Food, Beverage, Agribusiness
Wastewater Treatment Water Reuse, Water Conservation Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Regulatory Compliance Poultry Processing, Meat Processing, Food, Beverage, Agribusiness
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WHEE: Recent News Articles

April 2013

USEPA Requesting An Additional $15 million for Nutrient Control Programs

October 2012

SPCC Plan Compliance Deadline Approaching for Farms

August 2012

CAST Issues New Livestock Production System Publication

July 2012

USEPA Withdraws CAFO Information Collection Rule

April 2012

New Georgia Industrial Storm Water Discharge Permit Issued

October 2011

Farmers get 18-Month SPCC Extension

EPA Proposes to Collect Information About CAFO Operations

May 2011

USEPA Issues Stay for New Air Toxics Standards for Boilers and Other Combustion Units

April 2011

USEPA Issues New Draft NPDES Permit for Storm Water Discharges from Construction Activities

March 2011

USEPA Issues Final Rule Extending Reporting Deadline for GHGs for 2010

USEPA Announces Plans to Extend the March 31, 2011 GHG Reporting Deadline

February 2011

New Draft USEPA Report Shows Decline GHG Emissions Drop in 2009

January 2011

USEPA Delays Permitting Requirements for CO2 Emissions from Biomass Combustion and Other Biogenic Sources

USEPA Releases Information from AFO Air Emissions Monitoring Study

USEPA Secures an Additional 30 Days for Finalizing Boiler and Incinerator MACT Standards

November 2010

Steven Woodruff Gives Presentation on Georgia’s Water Issues at the Georgia Legislative Policy Briefing

USEPA Issues Guidance Document to States and Local Permitting Authorities for GHG BACT Evaluations

October 2010

USEPA Extends Compliance Deadlne on SPCC Rule for Certain Facilities

September 2010

USGS to Brief Congress on Nutrient Levels in US Waters

July 2010

Stanford University Study Concludes High-Yield Farming Better for Planet Than Low-Yield Farming

USEPA Rejects Claims of Flawed Climate Science and Denies Reconsideration of GHGs Endangerment Finding

January 2010

USEPA Proposes Nutrient Standards for Florida Lakes and Flowing Waters

USEPA Issues Final NESHAP: Area Source Standards for Prepared Feeds Manufacturing

December 2009

USEPA Issues Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)

Sustainable Packaging Indicators and Metrics Framework Tool Released by SPC

November 2009

USEPA Issues Final SPCC Regulations

August 2009

AVMA Issues Response to Congress On Pew Commission’s Livestock Production Report

Essay by Missouri Farmer Provides Information on the Benefits of "Industrial" Farming Practices

July 2009

WHEE, Inc. Gears Up to Assist Food and Ag Clients In Sustainability Index Reporting

OSHA Announces Program for Inspections of Facilities that Could Release Highly Hazardous Chemicals

June 2009

AMI Economic Impact Study Indicates Meat and Poultry Industry Contributes $832 Billion to US Economy Each Year

New Web Tool Helps Pork Producers Develop Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for Farm

April 2009

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Be Considered By EPA In Clean Water Act Decisions

WHEE, Inc. Selected as TAP to Provide Services Under Livestock Environmental Assessment and Nutrient Management Plan Program (CLEANEAST)

USGS Study Identifies the Top US Watersheds Contributing Nutrients to the Gulf of Mexico "Dead Zone"

January 2009

Center for Sustainable Innovation Develops Water Gauge

December 2008

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training Video for Poultry Facilities Available

November 2008

USEPA Issues New Definition for "navigable Waters"