Wastewater Treatment, Water Reuse, Water Conservation, Environmental Engineering, Civil 
	Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, Poultry Processing, Meat Processing, Food, Beverage, Agribusiness
Wastewater Treatment Water Reuse, Water Conservation Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Regulatory Compliance Poultry Processing, Meat Processing, Food, Beverage, Agribusiness
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Welcome to WHEE

WHEE will provide reliable and economical solutions in a timely manner that best meet the individual concerns of each client.

Woodruff & Howe Environmental Engineering, Inc. (WHEE) is a full service consulting engineering firm that provides environmental engineering, civil engineering, and process engineering to various industries including:

  • Food industries
    • Poultry processing plants
    • Red meat and pork processing plants
    • Meat and poultry further processing plants
    • Poultry hatcheries and egg processing facilities
    • Feed mills
    • Rendering/protein recovery plants
    • Poultry, swine (pork) and dairy farms
    • Other food and beverage processing facilities
  • Municipal water supply and wastewater treatment services providers;
  • Residential and commercial developers;
  • Attorneys requiring technical expert witness testimony on cases related to food production facilities, development projects (i.e., soil and erosion control), onsite sewage management (septic) systems and farms; and
  • USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and state conservation agencies.

With over 50 years of combined, direct hands-on experience in the environmental and civil engineering arenas, WHEE offers reliable and effective solutions that take our client’s concerns into account.

Experts in wastewater treatment, water reuse, water recycling, water conservation and environmental engineering for the food, beverage and agribusiness industries

Licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.)